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Veteran Renovation - 114 Mabee Ave., East Peoria


Habitat purchased this home in May of 2023 to remodel. As of June 2024, the home is now complete! A heartfelt thank you to the Core Crew and the Carpenter Club led by Drew Schultz and Steve Krupa for their dedication and hard work! Of course, a big shout out to all of our wonderful Volunteer Groups for donating their time and talents to renovating this house!


This home is now a 3 bedroom with 2 baths with:

• All new electrical system 

• All new plumbing 

• A new roof

• New flooring 

• New windows 

• New landscaping

• Completely remodeled kitchen, bathrooms, basement, and storage area

• New siding, gutters, soffit and facia

• New ductwork 

• New appliances

• New furnace 

• New air conditioner 

• New insulation

• Remodeled storage shed