Home Ownership FAQ

Home Ownership FAQ

Once accepted into the program, how long will it take to move into a house?

Habitat is a long-term housing solution. If you are selected for our program, it typically takes 1-2 years before you would move into your new home. This is because there are requirements you must meet,  a lot must be selected, and then your home is built from scratch. Generally, the more quickly you complete your requirements, the more quickly you will move through the program.

What size are the homes?

Our homes vary based on family size and children’s needs. Homeowners get a choice in the exterior siding and trim colors, as well as the countertop and flooring colors in the interior. The specific floor-plan is selected by Habitat and is based on the dimensions of the lot. Homes are typically 1,200 square feet.

I have income such as food stamps, social security or disability. Does Habitat count that?

To be accepted into our program you must demonstrate income within our guidelines but we count unearned as well as earned income; we will combine all sources of applicant’s income to determine the total household income. If you are retired or do not work, you must still have an income within our income guidelines.

What does Habitat look at on a credit report?

We look at your credit history and want to see that applicants have good or no credit and low monthly repayments.

What if I have filed for bankruptcy before?

In order to be considered for the Habitat program, it must be at least 2 years since you filed for bankruptcy.

If I am married, do I have to apply with my spouse?

If you are legally married, you must apply with your spouse. If you are separated, you will need to finalize a divorce before closing on your loan.

What about having a co-signer?

Habitat for Humanity Greater Peoria Area does not accept co-signers.