Habitat for Heroes

Staff Sergeant Patricia Hightower

2016; Elmwood, IL


Patricia Hightower joined the Army in 1996 and went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. She went to advanced individual training at Fort Gordon, Georgia to become a signal support systems specialist. Her first duty station was the 125th Signal Battalion in Hawaii. She served there for six years and had to change duty stations in 2001, where she became part of the 63rd Signal Battalion. In 2001, September 11th, her post was locked down and she was called upon to perform security at all the gates for three months. Her duties were to inspect vehicles as they came through the gates. She was honorably discharged in 2004 from active duty.


She joined the National Guard in 2004, and became part of the 148th Forward Support Battalion Rear Medical Battalion. She went to advanced individual training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas to become a combat medic. She was deployed to Mississippi in August of 2005 for the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. She performed medical help to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina and helped with distribution centers. She was discharged honorably from active duty in 2007.


In 2012 she joined the Army Reserves. She became part of the 411th Engineer Battalion were she served as a heavy equipment operator. She went to Camp Ravenna, Ohio for her advanced individual training. In 2015, she was tasked out to build a joint task force forward Landing Strip on Fort Irwin, California. This Forward Landing Strip is the first joint task project developed for all branches of service to train on at the same time. Patricia and her family were the recipients of our 2nd Habitat for Heroes home, which was built in Elmwood, Illinois.