Amazon Paint

Amazon Paint

Amazon Paint is premium quality, eco-friendly, latex paint that can be used indoors and outdoors!


Amazon Select is an interior/exterior latex paint for use on properly prepared drywall, masonry, wood, and metal. This recycled product is made with 80-99% post-consumer paint. The paint may be brushed, rolled or sprayed.  It applies easily and provides excellent coverage. Most jobs require just one coat of Amazon Select. Amazon paint meets or exceeds the same quality standards as name-brand, national paints.  Every batch of paint is tested by Amazon to ensure that the paint meets our strict set of specifications. Amazon’s recycled content paint is priced significantly below what you would pay for a similar quality ‘virgin’ paint. By using Amazon recycled content paint, you are helping to protect the environment. By replacing new paint with recycled paint you are saving all the resources that would have been used in making new paint.


1 gallon = $18

5 gallons = $70



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