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Derrick Brown

1019 NE Madison Ave.


My name is Derrick Brown. I’m a lifelong Peoria native. I was raised in Peoria, attended primary and middle school at Blaine Sumner and attended Manual High school in Peoria. I have 5 children: 2 girls - Chanise (30), my oldest, and Aspen, my youngest. I have 3 boys Brandis, Derrick Jr. and Khalil. I am a very family-oriented guy. I love my children and always aspire to be a great father. I’m currently employed at Quest Middle School as the Assistant Principal. I love what I do as I have a passion for teaching the future leaders. My future goals are to continue to teach, guide and love my children and help them to grow into valuable productive citizens. I also plan to grow as an educator, become a school principal and eventually become a superintendent of schools.


Working with Habitat to get a home has been nothing short of a dream come true. I would first like to say that Habitat for Humanity is a great organization. I love and respect the mission and the vison of Habitat. What they provide for families can be viewed as a miracle. Habitat has provided me a path to homeownership that I did not feel existed. This is a unique opportunity to own a home, live in a growing diverse community and provide a necessity of living for my family. I’m also gaining knowledge in saving for the future, learning ways to pay for college for my kids and saving for retirement. The people at Habitat are friendly and loving. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about helping families become homeowners. That’s why I love Habitat and their employee’s.